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Community Law Program 35th Anniversary Logo

About Us

Community Law Program 35th Anniversary Logo


Community Law Program, Inc. (CLP) was formed in 1989 by a small group of members of the St. Petersburg Bar Association concerned about the unmet civil legal needs of the poor in our community.  Since then, CLP has blossomed into a 501©(3) non-profit corporation that offers an array of programs and services designed to ensure equal access to justice for all.  Over the years, we have helped thousands of poor and disadvantaged individuals, families, and social service organizations.

Community Law Program 35th Anniversary Logo


CLP’s mission is to empower the most vulnerable in our community through the provision of pro bono legal assistance and representation, education about legal rights and responsibilities, and community outreach.

Community Law Program 35th Anniversary Logo


CLP is committed to the principle of providing access to justice for all.

As guardians of our legal system, we advocate for our clients on the basis that the law applies equally to all people regardless of income. We help people focus and provide them an opportunity for their voice to be heard. As navigators and translators of the legal system, we build confidence and hope. We listen and restore dignity where it has been beaten down. We empower families, young adults aging out of foster care, the elderly, veterans, the disabled, victims of domestic violence, and those who need our service.

Through advice clinics with our attorneys and direct representation, we pull away the curtain of confusion that many experiences in dealing with the legal system. We simplify the legal process, reducing the strain on the clerks and on our court system.  Courts appreciate our ability to focus and educate our clients on what is to come. Through continued training and mentorship, our volunteer attorneys grow and enhance their skills. We assist other not-for-profit organizations by providing legal services.

Our sponsors, donors, and volunteers share our values in making a difference.

We positively impact lives and the quality of our community.

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